From the very first sketches of GlobalRoom, sustainability has been one of our top priorities.
And we are very happy with the result:

Our rooms consume less energy than a hairdryer

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” – Marshall Mcluhan.

We only have one planet and we are all responsible for its conservation, for ourselves and the generations that will come after us. Virtual presence has not only streamlined communication, but also helps reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary travel to meetings on the other side of the world. We want to be part of the solution, offering a communication platform with the necessary resources so that the virtual presence has more impact and tools than the real one.

  • Use of sustainable materials.
  • Lower carbon footprint.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Whenever possible, zero kilometer suppliers.

(Cork from Girona manufactured in Polinyà (Barcelona), acoustic material manufactured in Valencia …)

Our rooms
Energy source
We contract our electricity from companies that base their energy trading on 'green' production such as solar or wind power.
Energy efficiency
We base our installations on a previous study of need/component, which allows us to optimise the reduction of consumption to the maximum.