During the pandemic I used a GlobalRoom studio in an executive meeting for MS Teams where I presented myself immersed in content such as text, data, graphs, spreadsheets, also developed some concepts on the whiteboard and was able to demonstrate a new mobile App on the table…

Although the meeting lasted almost three hours, the experience of using GlobalRoom was fantastic and the audience kept their attention engaged at all times. It was a really effective alternative to face-to-face.

Josep JovéExecutive Managing Director at Bip&Drive EDE

I can attest to the great advantages that the GlobalRoom hybrid room offers us to offer more constructive sessions in #retail teams. It is amazing to discover how the kilometres of distance between students are blurred and a more cohesive #team is created as they participate more and learn better.

Oriol Paré BustoRetail Team Manager at OriOl

In companies with such a large physical dispersion as those in the retail sector, it may seem impossible or very expensive to be able to bring teams together for training on a regular basis. In this sense I congratulate you because in Global Room you can make online training as similar as possible to face-to-face training in terms of human interaction and teaching resources. And I personally thank you for the technical support, kindness and cordiality with which you attend to the speakers, even when, like me, we are novices in the use of the system. Thank you and congratulations.

Nuria Beltran Centelles